Diamond Saw Blades

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Diamond Coarse Cut Notched Blade

It is a professional quality blade manufactured using a high concentration of premium grade industrial diamonds.These blades will cut faster than regular notched rim blades and the smaller size thin core blades can be used when cutting valuable materials to minimize loss of material.A full diamond sintered blade, The blades can be used with rust inhibiting water coolants although oil coolants will result in longer blade life.

Diamond Frame Saw Blades

We offer high quality diamond-coated saw blades. Diamond Coated Frame Blades Tool Lapidary Jade Amber Sapphire Cutting Saw Blades Made by electroplating diamond particles onto piano wire, our diamond blades are the best quality available at prices well below the competition. Our manufacturer offers a generous supply of diamond for long life and quick cutting. Great for cutting glass, ceramic, stones, fiberglass reinforced plastics, epoxy resins, composite materials and more.

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Notched Rim Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Lapidary Rock Notched Rim Slab Saw Blade,It has held up extremely well and cuts just about any kind of rock, from the very soft Petoskey Stone fossils to hard jasper and agate.Designed for use on hard lapidary materials like agate, jasper, petrified wood, agates and geodes. Notched Rim Lapidaryblades have a notched construction on a thin core for cutting more precious material. Similar to Blue Blazer. Notched Rim Lapidary Blade are excellent quality commerical grade blades, designed for use on hard lapidary materials like agate, jasper, petrified wood, and geodes.More diamonds in the notched rim anda a stiffer core make this blade cut faster and provide a long use-life. Covington Gold blades are a great low cost choice for your lapidary saw.

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Precision Sineterd Saw Blades

Industrial premium quality blade with a very high diamond concentration. The Professional will provide smooth surface finish and is designed for cutting all types of lapidary materials (precious & semi precious stones) when waste must be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential.Diamond saw blades incorporate diamonds into the blade edges to cut to help make fast, clean cuts through glass,Lapidary,ceramic tile, concrete, brick and other hard materials,There are many types of diamond blade, and they have many uses, including cutting stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, coal balls, glass, and ceramics in the construction industry; cuttingsemiconductor materials in the IT industry; and cutting gemstones, including diamonds, in the gem industry.

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Red Thin Rim Sintered Diamond Saw Blade

These thin rim sintered diamond sawblades last longer than notched blades.The diamonds (325#/400#) are secured into a metal bond that extends the full depth of the rim. Diamonds are continuously exposed as the edge of the blade wears away cut after cut. They offer a long life and clean, thin cuts. Click to enlarge the image to see a close-up of the diamonds secured in the rim.

Replacement BandSaw Blade

Replacement Diamond Band Saw Blade is variety of materials and applications. Diamond Blades are diamond coated for wet cutting stone, glass, marble, and tile, ceramic and other mineral based materials.Replacement diamond band saw blades have proven to be an effective diamond machining tool on a large variety of materials and applications. Diamond blades are diamond coated for wet cutting on stone, glass, marble, tile, ceramic and other mineral based materials.

1.The blade is made of seamless strong stainless steel selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust.

2.The blades are coated with finest diamond abrasive.

3.The diamond is bonded to stainless steel using techniques developed and proven for over fifteen years.

4.The blade coated tine diamond allows for cutting cleanly and easily all kinds of glass and other mineral materials, minimizing grinding time and saving precious materials.

Replacement RingSaw Blade

Master Craft seamless, stainless steel diamond coated replacement blade for the Taurus 3 and Taurus II.2 ring saws. A multi-directional blade to cut glass in all directions. Grommets not included.The additional image shows the close up diamond grit coating which surrounds the blade to allow cutting from any direction. Also shown is an example of the detailed cuts made possible with a diamond blade.Set of 2: 5-3/4" Ring Saw Replacement Diamond Coated Blade Grit 170 for Taurus 3.0 and II.2,Seamless, stainless steel diamond coated replacement blade for the Taurus 3.0 and Taurus II.2 ringsaws.A multi-directional blade to cut glass in all directions.

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Sintered Continuous Rim Blade

Sintered saws are designed to ensure that the cutting surface is optimally sharp at all times. Sintered saws sharpen themselves during cutting by continuously exposing new layers of diamond.These new blades have diamond throughout the edge and cut aggressively. blades also last a long time, because the diamond isn't just plated on top of the rim. Instead, diamond particles are incorporated into the actual metal of the rim. Cut blades up to 10" in diameter work great with water, but we advise using an additive such as Lube Cool 4800. If you use oil, these long-lasting blades will last even longer! Cut blades have a continuous rim.

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